Thursday, January 10, 2008

A long week, and it's not nearly over.

Sorry for not updating sooner. I'm doing o.k. - contractions have diminished a small amount, and never reached the threshold for mandatory visits to the hospital, so I've waited it out.

I went to a neurologist on Tuesday to discuss the seizure issue. He said it sounded to him as if I'm having "complex partial" seizures, though I have no idea what those are. He wants me to schedule an EEG and we'll make treatment decisions (if any are necessary) from that point. Thankfully he did say that most anti-convulsive medications are now safe to take in pregnancy (especially given that I'm beyond the first trimester).

I have an appointment with the perinatologist (no idea if that's spelled correctly, sorry) and my follow up ultrasound Wed. We're also having the kitties fixed that day. Poor babies, they're going to hate me. We were contemplating getting them declawed as well but decided to forego that after reading some horror stories about it - and instead have put Softpaws on them. They aren't staying on very well, but hopefully it will address our problem of the furniture and carpeting being destroyed.

Somehow in the last week, I managed to tweak my back a bit and when I walk I occasionally get shooting pains down my left leg. I previously was diagnosed with a ruptured L4 vertebrae, and my L3 and L5 are bulging so the doctor said that whatever I've done is going to just get worse as the baby gets bigger. I also have to now find time for physical therapy. Fun.

And apparently - it seems I have some sort of infection in my right breast. It's hot to touch and is red and splotchy. And honestly, it feels like someone is shoving needless through my nipple into the underlying tissue and the pain is radiating toward my armpit. Is it possible to develop mastitis during pregnancy?

Last night we went to the Stars/Blawkhawks game and I got us tickets directly on the ice. Patrick was in heaven, as we ended up sitting directly next to the press photographers. We had a great time out - and the realization struck me as we were leaving the arena that we don't have much time left like this - with just the two of us.


orodemniades said...

Ah, sciatica...I'm really, really, really hoping mine goes away after the kid is born. I hear some women say that swimming helps a great deal, and yoga. Based on the yoga I did yesterday, the 'yoga cures sciatica' is the opposite for me.

Oo, I remembered who it was that had those partial seizures too, but she lives in a different country now and I have no way of getting in touch with her. I believe hers were milder, though, the major sign being a rapid up and down movement of the eye and flickering eyelids. She had had more serious seizures before she went on medication though.

Um, yeah. I hope the contractions mellow out some more.

Jenn said...

Good luck with the EEG and perinatologist appointment.

We have four cats, two declawed, two aren't. I wish I really hadn't had the two declawed because the two that aren't don't bother the furniture at all. We have those rope scratching posts and that's what they use. Haven't had a problem with them scratching the boys either. We were going to try the softpaws things, but it turned out we never needed to.

Lala said...

I agree with Oro about the sciatica. I needed acupuncture after Jackson was born to deal with it. It worked though and I walked again.Also sounds like mastitis for you, bummer, but I'm glad you checked in with us. Take care.