Monday, January 28, 2008

Freshly Showered

We flew down to Dallas this weekend for a baby shower that my sisters threw for us (family only - aside from my best friend since sixth grade Paula who surprised me by driving up from Austin) and were very, very thankful that we brought two large empty suitcases to haul stuff back with. There were a lot of family there that I honestly didn't even remember as it had been a good fifteen years or so since I'd seen some of them.

We were inundated by gifts, and as much as I hate being the center of attention, it was so nice to see all of my dad's family. Patrick's Aunt drove in from Arkansas, and his sister flew in from Phoneix.

Since we were flying back home the next day, some people sent gifts to our house or gift cards, to make the trip easier to handle. So - in addition to all of this, not pictured is a crib, all the nursery bedding (comforter, bumper, blankets, sheets, a mobile, curtains and valances for the nursery), a stroller, and other lovely gifts (a boppy, a baby bathtub, etc.)

We're so lucky to have such wonderful, loving people in our lives. And so lucky that baby clothes and blankets can be packed down so small - as we just (barely) made our luggage limit on the way home after taking the gifts out of every bit of packaging that we could.

We ended up with I think seventeen bibs, nearly thirty onesies, adorable hooded towels, teensy little footed sleepers, baby books, bouncers, tons of first aid stuff, a bumbo (with tray), about fifteen blankets, and tons of other cute stuff. (This is all on top of what we've already bought (it's an addiction - I can't help it! We snagged a bunch of onesies after xmas for about $.60 each and hit up the Old Navy clearance a time or two) and have been generously gifted by his lovely internet Auntie Helen (a beautiful stuffed french rabbit) and Auntie Jen (an ugly doll - of course - and adorable mismatched socks).

It's amazing to me that this is really happening, that he's going to be here soon. And he is going to be showered with love by so many people.

There's still quite a bit of stuff we need - like a sling, a mattress for the crib, a carseat, some diapers for right at first, etc. There's a lot of other things I would like to have (a changing pad, rattles, books, pacifiers, etc.) but I know if he comes now - there are very few things that we absolutely have to have. He'll be sleeping in the bassinet right at first anyway, so even if we wait a bit on the mattress it's not the end of the world.

I'll be writing a lot of thank you notes this week.

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