Tuesday, August 21, 2007

"Slightly" Tired.

They say that you can expect to be "slightly more tired than usual."

I say that "they" are out of their damn gourd.

I can barely get through the day without falling asleep. And by 8:30 at night, forget it. I'm out cold.

Conked. Completely. Out.

I feel like a zombie.

A very hungry zombie.

And with that, I'm going to corner bakery.


Lauren said...

I was so tired I had raisin bran for supper for a good five months straight. Pray, tell us more .

Shinny said...

Thanks for getting me this address and can I just say CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! How freaking exciting for you! I am thrilled to tears. Please do share more. How far along? Due date? Want some maternity clothes? Can't wait for more news.

April said...

@ Lauren. Today was cheerios. I can see how this will be the extent of my energy for awhile. I actually fell asleep on the train this morning. Out cold.

@ Shinny - thanks! It's quite the excitement for me, as I've just found out. It looks like I'm due about mid-April.