Saturday, August 25, 2007

Endless doctor's visits and pelvic rest.

Well, apparently I better get used to sitting at the doctor's office. P went with me this morning, which was a good thing as we were waiting a LONG time and it was nice to have company.

My blood work came back, and well, the results weren't exactly stellar.

HCG: 224

Progesterone: 15.4.

The doctor said to keep taking the progesterone 2x a day. I had a follow up blood draw and he's faxing everything over to the perinatologist, and they're trying to get me in as quickly as possible. And I have a follow up appointment with the OB next Thursday. Sigh.

Pelvic rest until 8-10 weeks. Poor P. The doctor said "of course, you can do anything else that you're both happy with." P smirked. He does that often.

He said to lay off the hair dye (which my roots are frightening at the moment) and to try to limit my contact with the kittens as much as possible. Poor babies aren't going to understand why I'm so averse to touching them right now.

I really hope with every part of my being that this sticks.

I am so afraid of losing it. So, so afraid.


Twisted Ovaries said...

It is an early pregnancy, though. Do you know how far along you are, in weeks (rough estimate?)

Don't start freaking out yet. Still too early for freaking out. That's easier said than done, I know, but follow doc's advice.

I can send over the ass bullets, if you think they might help.

Hekateris said...

I agree with TO.

And pelvic rest - no orgasms, mind - bites. Of course it's worth it for a baby in the end, though...

No heavy lifting, either.

Cricket said...

You want to save your organisms for your second trimester - and third - anyway. You'll need them and crave them then.

Until then, I hope you want to puke so much that it doesn't matter. Friend, that I am.

Nico said...

Well, perhaps those numbers aren't stellar, but they're not awful either. I want this so much for you!