Saturday, August 25, 2007


Last night, I did the unthinkable.

It's far too early for this, and I know it is - but I couldn't restrain myself.

We were out for a walk, and decided to peek in a trendy baby store in Lincoln Square. Oh. My. God. I folded.

I know, I know. But I couldn't help myself.

Still more than 80% of the pregnancy until there is (hopefully) an actual living baby in my arms, but I was so stupid... and I bought something.

Well, two somethings actually.

Errrrr, um, well, more than that.

He found a onesie that says "I can't read" that was so cute.

And then as we were paying for it, I spied another stack that had been taken off the shelves - in green with green text that says "Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner." I asked why they were off the shelves, and she said that the manufacturer had been sued by Lionsgate - the studio who made Dirty Dancing, and that they were required to pull them. I said - well, is there any way that we could buy one and pretend we got it before you got the pull order? She laughed and said, well - provided you're not an attorney I could probably do that. I giggled and said, well I am - but I'm essentially a tax attorney, you have nothing to worry about.
Nobody puts Lionsgate in a corner apparently.

But glad I snapped that up when I did because as embarassing as it is - I must've seen this movie about eleventy billion times (you can look it up - that's an actual number).

Dirty Dancing

So. In my post-baby good contraband euphoria, I went home and surfed Etsy. Ohhh. dangerous. Especially for someone who is as keen on hand knit baby items as I am. A sweater, two bonnets and two pairs of booties later, I had to force myself away from the computer.

I pray that I'm not jinxing things.

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