Tuesday, August 21, 2007

365 days.

So much has changed in a year.

Let's see... in no particular order the past year has consisted of: Infidelity. Separation. Tentative reconciliation. Permanent Separation. Therapy. Losing friends, and finding new ones. Divorce. Visiting four countries on three continents. Moving out. Moving on. Finding love. Finding myself. Losing thirty pounds. Watching my sister graduate. Getting caught in a whiteout snowstorm. Learning to sing again. Being stuck in O'Hare for days with weather delays. Going from zero to over 100,000 frequent flier miles. Starting to run again. Stopping running from problems. Saying an excrutiating goodbye to my cats. Giving up. Bringing home two new kittens. Getting let go from work. Letting go of a garden I planted and never saw bloom. Landing my dream job. Finding out how much it hurts to lose hope. Being betrayed and blatantly lied to. Snowstorms. Sizzling Texas heat. Opening my heart. Reinforcing boundaries. Unexpectedly seeing two pink lines after thinking it would never happen. Moving - twice. Finding the perfect apartment. Months later, bidding on the perfect house. Losing said house before closing to circumstances beyond my control. Finally having hope take hold with such ferocity that it nearly overwhelms me.

The next year will be full of so much change.

I can't wait.


Jenn Raynes said...

Two pink lines!!! That's the last thing I expected to hear. Congratulations!!!

MsPrufrock said...

Eh, what?? Two pink lines? What? Speak woman, speak!

Welcome back. I can't wait to hear more about what you're up to. Sorry so much has gone wrong in the past year, but with this whole two pink lines thing, life might start to get a wee bit better.

I'm all happy now.

Hekateris said...

Pink lines??? What?! Pray tell!

I'm glad you're back - and doing damn fine after a damned tough year.

Birch and Maple

Vacant Uterus said...

There are so many stories I want to hear, especially about the two pink lines!! Congrats, girl!

I'm sorry so much that is bad has happened to you; it sounds like you have really been through the wringer. I'm glad you're getting back on your feet and I can't wait to hear what's going to happen next!


April said...

@ Jenn - thanks. Yeah. It's the last thing I expected too!

@ Pru - the last year has been rather dreadful, but it's been good too. I've learned a TON about myself and about what I can tolerate. It's been rough, but I'm glad it's over.

@ Oro - Thanks.

@ Flicka - Thanks for the well wishes, they're greatly appreciated.

Nico said...

wow. Wow. WOW! I am so glad you're back - very sorry that the past year has been so rough for you, but it sounds like you have come out the other side in fine form. Yay!