Friday, December 26, 2008

What a long, strange trip it's been.

A little over two weeks ago, I got extremely sick after eating baked potato soup for lunch. Violently, horribly sick. I went back to work on Thursday and Friday though I still was having severe abdominal pain. That Friday Friday, Patrick, Julian and I were out to dinner and I fell ill and was unable to finish much of my food. There was a searing pain in my lower right abdomen, and I was nauseated and unable to eat. The pain was absolutely blinding but I begged Patrick not to take me to the hospital. Saturday morning, I woke up and felt better. Then I ate again and an hour later was doubled over in pain.

By Saturday evening the pain was still unbearable so I finally caved.

We were in the emergency room for about 5 hours before I was admitted with likely appendicitis.

The ultrasounds were only able to show them so much, and they were unable to give me a CT scan to determine whether it was truly appendicitis, a gall bladder issue, or kidney stones because of the pregnancy. We did get to see the baby's heartbeat though - thumping away at about 150 beats per minute.

So based on my symptoms, they bet on appendicitis. I had an emergency appendectomy that Sunday morning. And as it turns out, my appendix was not to blame. During the surgery the doctor found evidence of a burst ovarian cyst due to a large amount of free fluid in the cul de sac, which is apparently common in pregnant women.

They gave me a lot of zofran for the nausea and an IV drip of morphine - and then vicodin - for the pain.

The nurses and surgeon were amazingly nice, except for one night nurse who I wanted to stab in the neck with a blunt pen. She kept insisting I just needed to take ibuprofen (not permitted for pregnant women) and needed to "suck it up" about the pain. The doctor humiliated me a bit at discharge and said that I was in so much pain because I was "surprisingly chunky" in the abdomen and she had to cut through a lot of fat. Look, chica - I get it. I'm not extremely thin - but that was a bit rude and in front of my husband. Patrick said she said it to him before when I was in recovery after the surgery.

I ended up there three nights and four days, and then was sent home without any clear explanation as to why I was still having extreme pain on the right side after meals. The following Thursday I called the doctor's office in tears and they told me that it was just surgical pain. Friday I vomited three times from the pain and finally went back to the E.R. - the doctor there seemed convinced it was my gallbladder but the ultrasound didn't show any stones. So they sent me back home after nearly 7 hours and told me to eat a low fat diet.

They did another pelvic ultrasound that day. Baby's heartrate was up to 171, but they found a subchorionic hemorrhage. I've been trying to follow up with my OBGYN since then, but with the holiday the office has been pretty non-responsive. I went to a hospital where they're not delivering anymore, so I guess they're having trouble getting the records or something. I'm not spotting but I've had some horrendous cramps over the last week that take my breath away. I'm just trying to be hopeful.


dee said...

Oh April, hell, sounds like you have been through the wringer this week. I'm so sorry.

I'm hoping with you that everything turns out okay. NBHHY.

Sending good wishes to you across the miles....

Kathleen said...

I'm no expert or anything, but when I had gallstones the pain went away immediately as soon as I threw up. Until I ate again, at which point the cycle restarted with excruciating pain. Don't know if that's helpful.

Am hoping it's something that can disappear as mysteriously as it began. Hang in there.

Anonymous said...

Oh April! I was hoping this had resolved by now! I hope you get some answers soon and that everything is okay.


Jenn said...

What a nightmare! It sounds like gallstones to me. Wondering if you have tiny, sand like stones that may not be as visible on ultrasound. I hope you feel better soon.

Motel Manager said...

What a nightmarish week indeed! I hope you are feeling better. For what it's worth, I had a subchorionic hematoma this pregnancy (as a result of my CVS, actually), and it resolved by my 20-week ultrasound. There is a Yahoo group (called SCHGroup, I think) that is very useful if this continues to be an issue. Avoid Dr. Google -- what you find will frighten you more than should be the case -- in reality, almost all SCHs resolve on their own. The SCH group has stories of people with HUGE SCHs that still resulted in healthy pregnancies and deliveries. My OB said she sees them all the time.

Hoping you feel better soon....