Friday, December 12, 2008

Paper Anniversary

Our first anniversary is a week from Saturday. Thankfully, I realized it now as opposed to a week after the anniversary. In our relationship, I'm much more the stereotype attributed to men of being forgetful and not as emotionally available. It's something I'm working on... slowly.

So. Christmas is only five days after our anniversary, and I've already spent a mint on him for that. The traditional gift for the first anniversary (why yes - I am pregnant with our second child and it's our first anniversary, because we're scandalous like that) is paper.

I'm crafty as long as it doesn't involve knitting, or sewing - but don't have too much time. He likes: penguins, 60s Italian films, soccer (Newcastle especially), travel, gardening, hockey and reading.

Any bright ideas for an anniversary gift?


royann said...

My husband got me a first addition of my favorite book for our paper anniversary. I got him photo of London where we honeymooned. I definitely received the better gift.

MsPrufrock said...

I'm thinking Helen would offer this anyway - but if you want me to pick up any Newcastle stuff for P, I'd be more than happy to send it to you!

Happy anniversary!

Emily said...

My ex and I exchanged paper gifts as well. I got him concert tickets and he bought me a lovely antique poster.

Shinny said...

Shave your legs? ;) Kidding!!

I can't remember what I got Steve or he got me and our first was only 3 years ago. You are getting him a family. I think that as long as you and the baby(ies) are safe and healthy that he will be thrilled.

A said...

Thanks for the suggestions. I went with Royann's idea and got him a signed first edition of his favorite book. Thankfully, it was a recent one.

A said...
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