Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Fuzzy math.

I will never understand the "conentional wisdom" of pregnancy dating.

At the ultrasound on Monday, the tech had a difficult time finding the embryo with the abdominal scan and so I ended up with a transvaginal. After a few tense moments, I finally saw a glimpse of the heartbeat flickering on the screen.

And there was just one.


However, I'm not completely in the clear yet. The ultrasound measurements showed that I was just barely 6 weeks pregnant. Only, that's impossible - as by the time of the ultrasound I've known that I was pregnant (from a positive generic HPT on November 17) for three weeks. The math just isn't adding up.

I didn't get the crown to rump measurement, but the embryo had clearly distinct arm and leg buds and the heartrate was in the 120s. I had this same issue when I was pregnant with Julian and then later in the pregnancy they started pulling the "whoa -this baby is way too big for his age!" Only he wasn't - he was perfectly in line with where he should've been based on my dating, notwithstanding that an early ultrasound is supposed to be the most accurate measurement of a pregnancy's duration.

They moved my due date up to August 2nd. According to my LMP I should be due 7/19. I don't think either is accurate. I think somewhere in the middle is probably correct.

I still haven't thrown up this time. Which is a huge change from last, when I was throwing up every day four times a day or more. I get queasy on the train, but the only thing I've noticed is I'm constantly exhausted and craving meat all the time. And considering I eat mainly vegetarian that's a big change for me.


Shinny said...

Maybe it's a girl. I was never queasy with Alex but almost the entire time with Marjorie. Huge sore boobs with the boy, almost lost my boobs with the girl. ;) Granted my pregnancies were 15 years apart, but the mysterious "They" say every pregnancy is different. Be thankful for the no puke thing. ;) I was going to say stop your whining, but figured I would killed slapped by other commenters, which where are they and their congrats to you? ;)
Wish we could meet up some time.

Word verification proves it's a girl, Flixi will be her name. ;0

royann said...

I am so glad to hear it's a solo. Enjoy the no morning sickness pregnancy. I had no nausea with Miles, just horrific heartburn. I'm sure J will love being a big brother.