Thursday, April 10, 2008


I just lost my mucous plug, or at least part of it. I think, at least. I called the doctor's office and described what I saw. It was pretty gross. The nurse said it sounded pretty much textbook for what it should look like. She said it could be tomorrow or could be two weeks.

I have a mild backache, and contractions are here - but not rhythmic. Just a ton of pressure in my back and pelvis.

I'm going to pack my bag. Anyone have any "must haves" for the hospital that they took - or stuff you took and wish you hadn't wasted your time packing?

What did you (or would you - if you were me) bring for the baby to come home in?


DD said...

Excited? Scared? Excited all over again??

I had to have my own pillow. I also brought earplugs and an eyemask since you can just kiss that whole sleeping in the dark, quiet room good-bye in a hospital.

I've seen people put their newborns into frilly, overly accessorized outfits for the home trip. It's a waste and pain in the ass. I bought a pair of footed pants and matching jacket. They might let you keep the kimono style onesie they dress newborns in, but in case they don't, pick up some of those as well. Onesies aren't recommended over their umbilical stub.

Scoutj said...

Bring your baby book so they can put his footprints right into the book. Then you don't worry about losing the paper.

FOOD for Patrick. I brought snacks for T.


dee said...

Hmm...let's see. I brought the following stuff:

Digital camera and/or camcorder
Computer (is there WiFi?)
Baby book (scoutj is right--for footprints and maybe handprints, my hospital didn't do hands)
Change of clothes (probably maternity clothes and not pre-pregnancy clothes)
Soft socks and/or slippers for walking around on yucky hospital floors
Going home outfit for baby
Hand "mittens" for baby so he doesn't scratch himself with what may likely be long baby fingernails
Toiletries like shampoo, conditioner, toothbrush and toothpaste (your hospital may provide these, mine did, but it's nice to have your own), deodorant, toothbrush.
A pair of pajamas, in case you want to change out of hospital-issue gown to greet people (but maybe not your best pjs as, ahem, bodily fluids may forever mark them)
I wouldn't bring any diapers or baby ointments, etc., as the hospital will supply all of those until you go home.
Car seat (perhaps leave it in the car until you need to bring it up for departure)

There's a really good blog I read by a labor nurse and she once had a great post on what to bring and what not to bring. She has since changed blogs and it is not in her new archives but I do know she mentioned not bringing your own pillow or toothbrush, etc., but instead buying new (cheap) versions of everything (toiletry mini's, pillow, etc.) so that you can throw them away upon checkout of the hospital--you know, since hospitals are a breeding ground for germs and such, and you don't want to bring those bugs home with you on your own stuff. I thought it made sense and did opt to bring some 'disposables' when it came time to deliver #2.

So exciting! Julian could be here in the outside world with you soon April :-) Wow!! And yes, like dd said, excited? scared? both completely normal, I assure you :-)

MissDirected said...

People are forgetting the most important thing. I flask of tequila for an instant celebratory end-of-baby-induced-prohibition shot!

No? Just me? Oh well...

Jenn said...

Take as little as possible. Something for J to wear home (I used what I had their pictures taken in, just a cute onesie), a receiving blanket, and that's really all you'll need for him. The hospital provide most everything. For you, any toiletries you can't live without, and for me, I was in there about five days and by the end I wanted some comfy pants and big T-shirts, but that was about it. I wore what I wore into the hospital to go home. Other than that, my time was spent nursing or trying to sleep, so that was all I needed. And don't forget the camera :)