Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Not even doing my taxes helped.

I've been having fairly consistent contractions on and off since Friday. Mind you, I'm still sitting at my desk at home - so they haven't progressed into anything "real."

Friday night I was having to actively manage my breathing to get through them, and thought I'd just go lay down in our bed to get a short nap in before (what I thought at the time would inevitably be) the trip to the hospital. While I napped, Patrick packed the bag, and then they stopped.

Saturday was rainy/snowy and gross, so we went to every single large store we could find and I just walked the aisles. I walked so much that my feet were so swollen I could not move my toes. I've always prided myself on my slender ankles (an odd thing - but it's the only part of me that's always been thin). I literally am so swollen that I have fat rolls on my ankle. My toes look like sausages. Contractions were fairly constant as long as I was moving, but as soon as I stopped they stopped.

Sunday the weather was unseasonably cool but clear and we went strolling in the neighborhood for ages. I came back home, and started working on our taxes (federal and THREE states. meh) and not even the stress of that could keep them going.

I've tried nearly every old wives tale possible short of castor oil. And I'm sorry - but I'm just not going there.

I am so ready for him to just be here already. I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow morning, and am going to beg the doctor to induce me. I can't take much more of this.


Helen said...

I know the feeling. At my ultrasound I would've begged the doctors to go in with a spork, I was in such bad shape. You sound very, very ready. I really hope the doctor agrees and tomorrow you get some relief. I think you and P are more than ready to meet J.

And think of the guilt story you'll have to give him as he grows up.

PiquantMolly said...

Ha! I love that you prided yourself on your thin ankles. My mother, who is like some time warp straight out of 1847, has frequently told me, "The true sign of a lady is whether she has thin ankles." Yeah, thanks Mom.

Wishing you luck to get things MOVING.

Scoutj said...

I was induced with both kids....wishing you luck almost-mama!