Tuesday, October 30, 2007

When is this going to stop?

I spent much of the morning clutching the toilet begging God (or any other deity that would listen) to make me stop throwing up.

Granted, the vomiting isn't every day anymore, but it hurts. My abs and my side muscles ache from it - and my face hurts.

At what point does this actually stop?

I've tried to cut out all the triggers that seem to make it worse. I don't eat things that I don't like the smell of, I shower with the bathroom door open (the temperature change from the steamy shower to the cold apartment sent me reeling all the time). I don't sit in train seats with unobstructed views of the outside.

There are some things though that I have to do - namely, brushing my teeth. Once meticulous about my dental hygiene, let's say that since the pregnancy started, I've been using a lot of mouthwash. I just can't handle the toothbrush in the back of my mouth. Floss either for that point. Gross, I know - but I can only stomach brushing in the morning, and usually every single time it ends up with me prostrate on the tile floor heaving.

After hitting 14 weeks, I thought it would stop. Apparently I was mistaken.

And how is it that something so tiny can make sleeping so damn uncomfortable all the time now? I can't find a single comfortable position at night. Any suggestions for that would also be appreciated as I'll spend 10 hours in bed, and wake up completely exhausted.


daysgoby said...

All pregnancies are different, but what worked for me was switching to a mild toothpaste (Crest original, nothing too minty) and using my finger as a toothbrush. (And yes, I still have all my teeth.)

Toothbrushes are murder when you're still getting nausea - I'd either gag or be waiting to gag and so ready for it: "Wait. I didn't gag. Really? bluhhhh" and sleeping? Huh. I slept in the recliner until I was five months pregnant. Then LOADS and LOADS of pillows, packed all around me so my knee or whatever could be up.

orodemniades said...

try salt. Salt worked for me when ginger anything, including straight slices of ginger, did nothing.

Also, um, could it be hyperemesis?

orodemniades said...

PS: I still gag when brushing my tongue, and occasionally my teeth, too.

Scoutj said...

Do you eat in bed before you actually get up? That should help. Are you taking B6? I forget.

And yeah, the toothbrush thing sucks!