Wednesday, October 31, 2007

This does not bode well...

First, let me just say how much I hate people who steal pumpkins. We bought two pumpkins (a huge orange one) and a teensy white one during a trip we took to Traverse City, Michigan. Granted, they didn't cost much )the huge one was maybe $5) but we were planning on carving it tonight.

Of course... someone nicked it from our front porch last night. So we can't. Grrrr.

A few nights ago, Patrick reached over as I was getting undressed and said "oh honey, you've gotten something on your stomach" and tried to wipe it off. It is an angry, red stretch mark on the underside of my pooching belly about an inch and a half long. I'm only at 14 weeks. I shudder to think what my stomach's going to look like at 9 months. As I got horrible stretch marks during puberty on my hips and breasts, I knew it would happen, I just didn't expect it to so quickly.


Dee said...

With my first pregnancy, I didn't get any stretchmarks (I know, I know) but actually lamented that fact. It seemed to me like I had nothing to show for having been pregnant, no badge of honor, so to speak.

Along came pregnancy #2 and bam, there went my virgin white unstriated belly. Now I sport a set of about 8 - 10 different sized stretchmarks but only where my belly 'pooch' was. I love them. For me, they'll be a lifelong reminder of the wonder that was A) getting pregnant in the first place and B) having two beautiful girls.

Welcome to the wonder of it all. (Sorry you've arrived kind of early but may they not get any worse the farther along you progress.)

daysgoby said...

A, what were you two doing in TC? That's my old stomping grounds!

A said...

@ Dee - thanks. I'm trying to keep an upbeat attitude about it. I just didn't expect them to show up so quickly!

@ D - We drove up there for a weekend getaway. P lived in Grand Rapids for about 10 years, and we were just antsy to get away from Chicago for a weekend.