Monday, October 22, 2007

Inspector Gadget is confused.

House News

Well the inspection was this morning, and took about five hours long. *Yawn* Thankfully, Patrick went in my place and he was actually about 25 minutes late, but it was largely irrelevant as the inspector took ages to finish up. There are some minor issues with the house - including a gas leak next to the heating system that will have to be fixed before we can move in, a few gas pipes that need to be sealed off and a few more that need to be replaced. There's some minor electrical work that needs to be undertaken - splitting a few fuses, etc. The only thing that truly concerned me was the presence of asbestos tape in the basement around a few pipes. That will need to be removed soon.

There weren't any structural problems, and the roof is in good place. Patrick said that seeing the house today made him sure that it's "our" house. We've been running around all day trying to get the last documentation for the loan, modifying insurance, etc. It's been a pain, but that's o.k. The contract's under attorney review and we've got a meeting with the attorney tomorrow afternoon about that.

Pregnancy Question

Well, questions rather. Last week (at 12 weeks) they did a triple-screen for me as part of my prenatal testing. Only, I'm a little concerned as to why they did the bloodwork, when it apparently is usually given between 15-20 weeks pregnant. Is a blood test result going to come back wonky because of this and freak me out?

My regular jeans still fit, though badly. I've gained maybe 2 pounds since this started - but it seems to all be boobs and belly. Now for the way TMI part... The one article of clothing - other than bras - that I find almost completely bothersome right now? Panties. Please give me recommendations for comfortable knickers because I'm at the end of my rope. Maybe I'm just crazy - but everything seems swollen "down there" and all my underwear are chafing me raw. Irritating. Any suggestions? I tried some new cheapy Hanes barely there things this weekend - as I didn't want to spend a lot on stuff to get me through this awkward inbetween phase, but they were glorified pantyhose with the stockings cut off. Gah. horrible.


Anonymous said...

If it wasn't part of the inspection, I highly, highly recommend a sewer line inspection. Would have saved us $5,000 if we had.

Jenn said...

For me they did the blood work at the same time as the nuchal screen...I think. Now I'm not sure. I think the best indicator is the nuchal ultrasound anyway.

As for underwear, I think I just bought giant regular underwear. I tried the Motherhood maternity underwear and the crotch was too narrow, sorry TMI, but it was unusually narrow compared to every other pair of underwear I've ever owned.

orodemniades said...

Triple screen at 12w? Hmm, sounds very veyr early to me...unless they're doing it in conjunction with the NT, and then the quad around 20w? I'd call your clinic for clarification. After doing some research it almost sounds as if they think you're much further along than you actually are, and I do believe that's going to skew the results quite thoroughly (ie, take the results not with a grain, but with a ton, of salt, and wait for more realistic results from the quad or other NT + later bloodwork).

Foggie B said...

Hey April --
Am a longtime lurker. Also pregnant, and having the same "realignment issues," though about 4 weeks or so behind you. Thus far, the Hanes hipsters are working because they sit below the waist and thus, don't bunch or strangle too much. Whether that will be true for me 4 weeks from now, is less clear, but I hope that something, if not this, helps.

Congrats on the engagement & the house!

Dee said...

Yippee--I loves me a good home inspection! Wouldn't have bought our homes without 'em so I'm glad to hear that everything that came up was minor and fixable--hooray for "your" house!

Okay, so going back a few years to my pregnancy with J, I too did the triple screen and I do remember they drew blood early, somewhere in the area of 10-12 weeks, and then again a month or two later (can't remember exactly when). Apparently, I believe the different sets of results are compared against one another to give an 'overall' result, if that makes sense.

We opted not to do the triple screen the second time around, going instead with a more invasive test that made more sense in our situation (you know, me being of "advanced maternal age" and all).

Underpants...hmmm, I know this may sound horrible, but I caved and bought a couple of three-packs of maternity bikini underwear from my local Motherhood store. Man, were they comfy, so comfy that I still wear them now, way afer the fact.

Hope you find some comfy panties soon :-)

Shinny said...

Are you certain it was the triple screen? I was offered the triple screen blood test or the nuchal fold translucency (ultrasound) with the blood work to test for Downs and Trisomy 13 and 18. I remember that the nurses at the OB office referred to the nuchal w/blood work as a triple screen but at the perinatologist office the genetics counselor clearly indicated that they were two completely different tests. Also, they only did the finger poke for blood for the tests with the nuchal.
As for underwear, I was able to make it to almost 16 weeks with my regular thongs but then had to break down and get the granny panties from Hanes. I so understand what you are talking about with the swelling in the nether region. Just hope you don't get varicose veins down there like I have, that is nothing but strange.
Good luck and congrats on a great home inspection. Make sure that they have the corrections made by a professional and give you the receipts to prove it, especially the gas and electric stuff. We didn't insist on that and the stuff never really was fixed and by the time we figured it out, it was too late to go back to the sellers and get them to pay.

MissDirected said...

I just want you to know I'm trying really hard not to make a reference to shrimp in relation to your knicker problems...

Ms. Pants said...

Viva FP!!

statia said...

Get over the whole fat vagina. It's only going to get worse. After awhile, you'll feel as if someone took a bicycle pump to your vag. Good times.