Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Woman cannot live on cheez-its alone.

Cheez-its are the only thing right now that helps quell the nausea. I'm not vomiting, but I have the reeling of too much tequila feeling pretty much all day. Oddly, the only time I feel fairly human is first thing in the morning.

I hate cheez-its. Well, hate is a strong word. Perhaps I don't care for them. There's a strong dislike there. But something about the salty slightly bitter taste works. So I've been eating them, one 100 calorie pack at a time.

The only other thing I've found that has helped is stone ground mustard on whole wheat crackers. The idea of anything sweet makes me ill. Salt and vinegar pringles worked for a bit - but they're so oily.

Any other ideas as to things to try?

I would be most grateful for input - as well as divine intervention to make the nausea stop. I'd take that too.


Shinny said...

Qui*znos has these sea salt and vinegar chips that aren't very oily, I really craved those in my first trimester.

Have you tried any of the flavored triskets? Gives you some added fiber. ;)

Can I just say how freaking happy I am for you too? I am serious about sending you the stuff I have outgrown already, it would at the very least keep you covered on the weekends. ;)

Cricket said...

I used to sniff lavendar oil for the nausea. It helped greatly.

As sick as I was for 5 months, I never once threw up. Maybe you have that version. I don't remember what I ate, but it wasn't much.

Ms. Pants said...

What about those yummy baked Triscuits that come in all sorts of good flavours now? (Ohh! Just saw Shinny beat me too it. I'm leaving this though because I used to hate Triscuits--texture--and now I love the flavours. I can has flavours.)

Baked Ritz?

Chamomile tea might also help quell the nausea.

Also, I hear that Houston combats nausea. Like, just being in the city itself--no more urpy. Cool, huh? :-p

Twisted Ovaries said...

It sounds pretty twisted, but green apples kept my nausea at bay (and they're good for baby's lungs, apparently.)

Other mothers swore by eating a Preggo Pop before a meal - apparently they really do calm the stomach down before eating.

statia said...

Either peppermint altoids or the ginger ones. By the time I was out of my first trimester I never wanted either of those (or ginger-ale) again.