Friday, September 14, 2007

Houston, we have a heartbeat.

The ultrasound technician started the morning with an abdominal ultrasound, and I had to laugh - after five years of infertility treatment, I had never had one before. My uterus is tipped so far back that she was having a hard time finding the embryo and asked if I would be willing to have a transvaginal scan so that she could get a better picture.

She did the transvaginal and I saw the yolk sac and the embryo right away - along with the tell-tale flickering of the heart on the screen. Poor Patrick was utterly confused as to what we were looking at, but she was very patient in answering our questions and gave us I think 8 pictures to take home with us.

And then she surprised me, and she turned on the speakers and we were able to hear the rapid whoosh whoosh whoosh of the heartbeat. I thought based on the measurements we wouldn't be able to hear it yet. I don't think I've ever heard a more beautiful noise in my life. She said the embryo is measuring 6w6d (so still further behind than I expected, but at least it's "caught up" two days from the last scan). The heartbeat clocked in at 153, which from what I understand normal rates are 120-160, so we're delighted. They've moved my due date up to May 5, so we may end up with a Cinco De Mayo baby.

In other good news, she couldn't find a reason in the uterus for the bleeding, so she said it's likely just an abrasion on the cervix. Doctor is to follow up with us on that issue.

I am so thrilled right now I can barely breathe.


Twisted Ovaries said...

For some reason, I felt that you would get good news and you would title this post "Houston, we have a heartbeat." I dunno why I felt that, but I did.

And congratulations.

orodemniades said...

Hee! I knew I was right. ;-) Congrats!

Jenn said...

Fantastic! Congratulations and NBHHY.

Alexa said...

Oh thank god! I have been FREAKING OUT waiting for this post. It gives me a little hope, and by the way I am so glad to have you back in blogland!

PiquantMolly said...


Fabulous news, indeed!

A said...

@ Vanessa - I was afraid that someone else had used that title before - so I'm sorry if I've inadvertently plagarized. But the good news was so very appreciated today. Thanks for the congratulations.

@ Oro - I am utterly grinning ear to ear right now.

@ Jenn - Indeed. NBHHY. I need to remind myself of that more often.

@ Alexa - I'm keeping everything crossed for you, sweetheart (I'm on pelvic rest anyway, so I might as well ;))

@ Molly - thanks!

Dee said...

Woo-hoo!! Congrats--and I'm so glad to find you back in the blogosphere.

I'm right in the NBHHY camp with you and love this great news--may it only continue!

Thalia said...

So happy for you! Hoping very hard it's all good news from here.

And you are April, right? I did leave a msg at your old blog saying I'd love to keep up with you, but I didn't hear anything so I assumed you just hadn't started blogging again. Then I saw your blog at stirrup queen today and it took reading through your archives to realise, but I'm pretty sure you're April. And I'm very happy to have made your acquaintance again but if for any reason you didn't want me following, let me know and i'll just read quietly to myself.

hang in there.

daysgoby said...

Hoorah for a heartbeat!

A said...

@ Dee - thanks. It was such a shock to even find myself pregnant at all that I'm taking it one glorious day at a time.

@ Thalia - one and the same. Just with the divorce and everything else, it was time to retire Underwater Clown Conspiracy and start a new life.

@ Days - thanks.

I can't tell you all how much I appreciate you all following me here. Your support over the years is often what kept me sane.

MsPrufrock said...

Awww...I got teary when I heard P's heartbeat for the first time. It's such a wonderful sound.

Apropos of nothing, I am so jealous of your gorgeous red hair. My kid might be headed in that direction, so I might need to shave her head someday and paste the hair to my own head.

I'll leave now.

Nico said...

yes, yes, YES!!! I am SOOOOOO happy to read this news. Doing a big 'ole happy dance right now! NBHHY!!! (Well, except for the spotting, but since that doesn't seem to be affecting the embryo, I still think it's a good mantra)