Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Spotting. Again.

Cramping on top of it. Brown and light pink spotting. Still internal but enough now that I'm really starting to worry.

I'm not ready to give up. I want this baby so much.


Cricket said...

When the ligaments stretch, they can really pull and cause pain. I hope that's all you're experiencing.

Hekateris said...

It's no consolation, but I keep bleeding as well. Bed rest, though boring, is your friend at this time.

Now for the details - are you bleeding enough to fill more than one pad an hour? If not, you're probably okay. If it's any help, I soaked my underwear with bright red blood on Thursday for no particular reason, started clotting on Friday and am just now ending the bleeding. It's scary as hell, but give your doctor a call and see if you can come in for a scan.

Remember, brown and very dark red blood with clots is far better than bright red blood!!

A said...

@ Cricket - thanks. I hope that's all it is too. It's not exactly like a menstrual cramp, so I don't know how to describe it. And it's not constant. A lot of times, it's if I turn a certain way, and it seems to be worse at the end of the day.

@ Oro - thankfully, no. It's all internal bleeding, not enough even to get on my underwear. And it's brown and slightly nude/pinkish color but by this morning it's stopped. I just wish it would calm down and stop.