Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Seven Pounds, a Crib, a Peek and a Nest.

Inexplicably, I've gained seven pounds over the last two weeks. How this happened I don't understand. I've actually been trying to stall my weight gain, and have been eating remarkably healthy. Lots of steamed vegetables, an occaional piece of fish, and little to no cheese (my primary diet staple - and bane of the scale).

So yesterday when I weighed myself, I was somewhat dumbfounded. Today, it's the same. I'm afraid when I go to the doctor's office today she's going to be like "what the hell are you doing? eating trays of brownies???" To which I wish the answer was at least yes, rather than the honest no. I've actually been eating very little because the kidlet is jammed up into my stomach - making large meals impossible. And let's be honest, I'm too lazy these days to actually make multiple meals.

In other news, his crib is on the fedex truck for delivery today. To say that I'm excited about finally receiving the last bit of the nursery is an understatement. Of course, they'll come when I'm at the doctor's office for sure.

Tonight we have an appointment for a follow up 3d ultrasound. I'm excited about that too.

And the nesting bug has hit hard core. Friday night I rearranged everything in the 'frig, the two freezers and the pantry. Crazy organization. Everything is pristine in there. Saturday - I hit the closet. Sunday it was the armoire and part of the office, including the bookshelves. Yesterday, it was our bathroom and the guest room and finally burning a giant stack of cds onto itunes. Everything in the bathroom is not only organized, but put into little containers or baggies. [As a side note, if you need body lotion, apparently I'm your girl. I have an entire drawer full of body lotion apparently.] It's insane. Patrick had a good laugh at how meticulous I was being but mentioned how nice it was this morning while he was getting ready for work.

Thankfully, the nesting bug is wearing off on him too and without any prodding on my part he vaccuumed the hallways, all the area rugs, and the stairs. He also rearranged furniture in the office (which is sort of "his" room) and the office area in the basement that I've claimed for a craft room. Oh, and he did five loads of laundry yesterday - and PUT THEM AWAY. And did other odd things like update the lightbulbs in the multitude of lamps and fixtures we have with compact fluorescent bulbs. He also dragged out about fifty frames into the living room (that have nothing in them) and said tonight we're finally figuring out what artwork/photographs are going to be framed and actually hung up in our house. That will clear up all kinds of clutter.


Jen said...

I'm glad you are getting your nesting in. It's always nice, later, to have a clean and organized home!

Shinny said...

I had a 6 pound gain between appointments at about this same time and then didn't gain a pound for the next two appointments. so don't stress, just be glad you are eating right and know that you are doing the best you can for your baby. Sometimes our bodies just do weird things. Good luck and so happy for you.

Ms. Pants said...

Save one of those frames (16x20).