Wednesday, February 6, 2008


I've suddenly gotten the cleaning/organization bug - and as a result every baby item I have is now washed and put away. This is what his nursery looks like now (sans crib, which should be delivered sometime this week) and will be placed on the wall next to the door.

And yes, that is our cat Ennis in the bassinet. He's quite fond of this room, and thinks it's his special play area. He begrudgingly will allow his littermate Jack in the room. I'm hoping that he adapts o.k. to someone else sharing "his" space. More details about the nursery can be found on my flickr pictures.

Oh, and there's a recent shot of me there too - though I'm not posting in the entire picture so as not to offend anyone who's feeling a little sensitive about belly shots at the moment..


Lala said...

love the rug and the valance

Cat, Galloping said...

the nursery looks great! our cats loved the crib, too, before Gatito was born. we were nervous enough to buy one of those crib tents to keep him out, but they steered pretty clear of his crib once he was born. (the changing table is another story.)

Rachael said...

Wow i love the nursey, is so cozy! Thanks for the comment on my new web page, i am excited someone other than my mom looks at it :-) I am 25 weeks pregnant with my first, how about you?