Thursday, June 28, 2012

Genetic Testing Results, and a Shock

The nurse called yesterday morning, as the genetic testing results were finally in. Female. Chromosomally normal. I was heartbroken, as we'd hoped for a daughter for so many years. However, the call served of confirmation of what I'd already known for weeks in my heart. However, that news wasn't shocking. Instead, it was the four pregnancy tests that I took last night, each of which showed a strong positive. It's been four weeks to the day from my D&C. I haven't had a cycle yet. We had sex one time. Once. It's possible, though very very unlikely that it is retained products of conception - basically tissue that the D&C (really a D&A) didn't remove from the uterus that still has a blood supply. Now that the Supreme Court decision on health care reform is out (I'm an attorney who specializes in this area), I'm headed to the hospital for an HCG draw. If this is indeed a new pregnancy, I will have been pregnant all but about 6 weeks of this year, with four separate pregnancies. I'm afraid. I'm scared. I'm happy. I'm nervous. Everything, all at once.

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Thalia said...

My understanding is that the problem with getting a 'chromosomally normal female' answer is that you cannot be sure it's the baby and not your tissue. Still, I totally understand your sadness.

I do hope that this is a new, healthy, and long term pregnancy for you.