Monday, November 24, 2008


In the last two weeks, I finished packing all of my maternity clothes up in plastic tubs and sent them to live in the attic. I'd lost pretty much all of the 40+ pounds I'd gained with Julian, and was so happy to feel "myself" again - and able to fit into new clothes that I hadn't worn in over a year. My body is shaped differently, but I was actually thinner than I was prior to getting pregnant with Julian.

So maybe it's just bloating, but I swear I cannot buckle my pants now. Yesterday, my mom laughed at me while I was standing in the kitchen in a pair of low-rise pj bottoms and warned that "people are going to know soon." This morning I had to wear a pair of control top pantyhose in order to zip one of my biggest pair of pants. These same pants were too big two weeks ago.

Based on my HCG levels, I can't be that far along.

What gives?


DD said...

Sorry to tell you sweetie, but once your uterus has carried a baby, any subsequent pregnancy is going to give it permission to become the lazy bitch she can be and she will let it ALL hang out early.

Scoutj said...

What DD said! Your body just remembers. I looked 4 months pregnant right away with my second. Fun! I also started about 10 lbs bigger too. But yeah, you can't hide it as long with #2.