Friday, October 31, 2008

Hey baby... how much?

Um, no. Not what you're thinking.

Since my mom has moved in, I bought her a new flat screen t.v. for her room (a small one but her having it gives us loads more privacy and "family" time together downstairs in the evenings after work) and a new laptop (v cheap model, but we have wireless internet - and that way she can't access it from her room anytime she wants). Anywho, I need to start paying her a regular wage, but I don't know how much to give her. She doesn't have utilities (other than her cell phone) or rent as she's living with us right now, but I'd like to start her saving so she can have her own place eventually.

What's the going rate for childcare in your area? What does that cover?

Any input would be greatly appreciated.


Mom to 4 said...

I charge 120/week, and I provide lunch and snacks. (And the occasional change of clothes when there is an accident.)

Helen said...

We pay about 1500 pounds a months (I think that's about $3000?).

Interested in paying your mom that much? :)

My scary childcare aside, if you're providing housing as well, I think that mom to 4's comment seems very valid.

Jay said...

In South Carolina, we paid $102 a week

In Ohio, we pay $194. But we're doing it at a center, not our home, so it would presumably be cheaper

Motel Manager said...

In Iowa City, Iowa, we paid $10/hour. That covered childcare and dog-walking (ie, the babysitter would take the baby for a stroll and walk the dog, too). We probably also could have had her do baby laundry, etc., but didn't. I also left the food prepared each day.

In San Francisco, for a nanny share, we pay $12/hour (so the nanny is getting $24/hour total). That covers childcare, and she drives the kids around to playgrounds and such.

I would think that since you are providing board, you could go cheaper than the "full" rate.