Saturday, November 24, 2007

Registry questions

My sister Vanessa is throwing us a baby shower while we're home over the Christmas holidays. I'm very grateful for it - but she's pressuring me to go ahead and register... and well - I haven't given the slightest thought to what we need or want.

I decided to go with Target and Land of Nod - but have no idea as to what to actually register for. So for those of you who have "been there, done that" or those of you who haven't - but have heard from those that have...

What recommendations do you have? What were lifesavers that you couldn't do without - and by the same token - what were wastes of money?


Jenn said...

Must haves for us were:
car seats, stroller, bedding, crib, changing pad and covers, pack and play and sheets, bath tub, breast pump, pacifiers, breast pads, lanolin cream, breastmilk storage bags, bottles, bibs, burp cloths, bouncey seat, high chair, swing, diaper pail and refills (if needed), boppy...that's all I can think of right now.

Don't register for clothes, you'll get plenty of them anyway. I can't think of anything that was a total waste. Basically they eat, sleep, and poop. If you cover those things, you'll be good. :)

Dee said...

I think I second just about everything Jenn said above. One other thing that saved our butts on more than one occasion were receiving blankets (for swaddling) as well as the Miracle (also for swaddling). Both of ours loved the swaddle.

Loved our Diaper Champ (the old model, not the newer one available in stores now) for our first, but when the second came along, we just opted to use our regular trash can in the kitchen.

If you'll be using conventional diapers (i.e., not cloth), try to stock up before the baby comes home, in a variety of sizes (mostly 1s, a few 2s, maybe a pack of NB but they grow out of those quickly). For my shower, on the invite we put a note asking everyone to bring one pack of diapers. We then played a really quick game at the shower where whoever guessed closest to the actual # of diapers received won a prize. I think I went home with a little over 500 diapers :-) It was about 2-3 months before I had to go out and buy more. Lovely.

Scoutj said...

A vibrating bouncy seat. Gotta have that!! I also have a great recipe for baby wipes that I liked better than any you could buy. Email me and I'll give you the recipe when you're ready. The interesting thing is that all babies are so different. Supergirl never liked a swing but her brother loved it! I would also highly recommend having a few people go in on a glider/rocking chair. They are expensive but SOOOO worth it!

Helen said...

For us, the must haves: cot (crib), onesies (many of them), burp cloths, bottle drying rack (lifesaver), car seats, crib protector sheets, crib sheets (bumpers, comforters, etc are all no-nos until they're older), swaddles (Kiddopotamus make the best and easiest to use ones), changing mat (it's easier to change them on the mat on the floor than on the stand). Um...that's about it. Swings, bouncy chairs, etc-in the first few weeks they're not interested in them, really. Plus you really do need some time to figure out what the babies like before plunging in (this I have learned, with hindsight).

daysgoby said...

*Nodding head* to what Dee said about the diaper genie (used religiously with son, used never with daughter) and what Helen said about the changing mat. By the time R was two weeks old, I was SO DONE walking her upstairs JUST to change her diaper. A changing mat on the floor or a towel (carefully!) on the sofa worked just as well.
Did anyone mention a good crib mobile? The aquarium-type crib toys were wonderful for both my kids.

Diaper warmers or bottle warmers are a waste.

Shinny said...

Just a note for you, I was not very impressed with Targ*ts baby registry. I started there and then simply due to someone is actually throwing me a shower and have more access to Walm*rt, I tried that one and they have tons of nice stuff.

We got alot of the big stuff from friends and rummage sales over the summer so most of my registry is the smaller stuff. But if you want to take a look at what I put on mine email me and I will get you linked. It is kind of fun doing that.

Ms. Pants said...

Alcohol. Must have.